Our catering offerings below reflect a 10% discount off our regular menu prices and include white rice, sauces, chow mein noodles, fortune cookies and chopsticks. Each aluminum pan holds approximately 8 regular-size entrees. Wire racks and Sterno burners are also avaialble upon request. Please call the store to inquire about delivery.

Beef with Broccoli
Beef with Garlic Sauce
Beef with Mixed Vegetables
Beef with Mushrooms
Beef with Snow Peas
Beef with String Beans
Hunan Beef
Kung Pao Beef
Moo Shu Beef
Pepper Steak
Curry Beef
Beef with Eggplant
Szechuan Beef
Black Pepper Beef
Crispy Beef
Sesame Beef
Mongolian Beef
Orange Beef
$130 / pan
Chicken with Baby Corn
Chicken with Broccoli
Chicken with Cashews
Chicken with Eggplant
Chicken with Garlic Sauce
Chicken with Mixed Vegetables
Chicken with Mushrooms
Chicken with Peking Sauce
Chicken with Snow Peas
Chicken with String Beans
Kung Pao Chicken
Moo Goo Gai Pan
Sweet and Sour Chicken
Hunan Chicken
Curry Chicken
Szechuan Chicken
Black Pepper Chicken
General Chow
Sesame Chicken
Empress Chicken
Orange Chicken
Crispy Chicken
Mango Chicken
Kung Fu Krunch
Holy Chow Mix
$120 / pan
Vegetable Lo Mein (wheat noodles)
Vegetable Mei Fun (rice noodles)
Chicken Lo Mein
Chicken Mei Fun
Beef Lo Mein
Beef Mei Fun
Lo Mein Mix (beef + chicken)
Mei Fun Mix (beef + chicken)
Singapore Noodles
$90 / pan (vegetable)
$100 / pan (chicken)
$110 / pan (beef)
Fried Rice
Vegetable Fried Rice
Chicken Fried Rice
Beef Fried Rice
$60 / pan (vegetable)
$70 / pan (chicken)
$80 / pan (beef)
General Chow Tofu
Tofu and Spinach
Tofu with Mixed Vegetables
Broccoli in Garlic Sauce
Eggplant in Garlic Sauce
Vegetable Delight
Sauteed String Beans
Sergeant Tofu
$90 / pan (vegetable)
$100 / pan (tofu)